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Learning Pathways

At Journeys of Wisdom, each person charts their own journey of self-discovery, selecting the learning paths and tools that fit best for them.

Because people learn best when they can choose formats and settings that are the most comfortable for them, Journeys of Wisdom offers many options including workshops, teleseminars, evening classes, guest speakers, individual sessions, intensive programs and audio catalog.

Downloads and CD’s

It is easier than ever to fit learning and self-growth into our busy lives. Journeys of Wisdom offers recordings of the full curriculum of classes and seminars. Listen on the drive to work or while taking a walk, to learn about:

  • Living in Healthy Relationships
  • Rites of Passage or
  • Feeling Worthy of Prosperity
  • and much more!

Audio allows you to go at your own pace and offers a large selection of topics to choose from. Listen as others ask the same important questions you have and hear John McMullin and other students respond with insights you can apply in your life.

Audio learning is convenient and affordable. For each title, select MP3 download or CD format.* Prices start at $2.99, with sale items for only $.99.

* Some subjects include multiple audios and come as a set. These titles are priced as separate audios or as a set and are noted in the catalog.

To browse the complete Journeys of Wisdom audio catalog, visit the store.

Audio titles are categorized by the following topics or can be searched by keyword:

  • Beyond Self Sabotage
  • Self Discovery
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Professional Growth
  • Self Healing and Wellness

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Individual Sessions

One-on-one coaching affords privacy, provides immediate feedback and allows people to zero in on core issues at the heart of life’s ongoing struggles. The client sets the pace in individual sessions. Holistic Coaching™ at Journeys of Wisdom does not offer advice but rather teaches the client the process of self-healing by discovering wisdom and answers from within.

Appointments are typically one hour long. To schedule a Holistic Coaching™ – Individual Session, call 614.888.1240 or send us an email.

For clients who prefer coaching by phone and for those clients outside the Columbus area, we also offer Holistic Coaching™ Telephone Consultations.

In-person Holistic Coaching™ consultations are held at an arranged location.

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Weekend Workshops

Working within a group provides a dynamic setting for learning about self.

Each person has time during the session to address their own individual needs and questions, while benefiting from the wisdom of other students and their life experiences. Broader holistic concepts are explored in depth.

Weekend Workshops cover exciting, life-changing concepts and tools. Topics rotate throughout the year. Examples include:

  • Kinesiology Integration Techniques
  • The Power of Questions - The Language of Healing
  • The 37 Universal Laws
  • The Paradox of Emotional Needs

For upcoming workshops, view our calendar.

Interested in attending a Weekend Workshop but don't see it on the calendar? Let us know. We add sessions per interest and demand. Call 614.888.1240 or send us an email.

Workshops may be held in Columbus, OH, Cape Coral, FL, Carlsbad, CA or other area in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Classes, depending on the subject, may be held Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM each day.

To view a complete listing of workshop topics, see our Workshop Catalog.

To sign up for a workshop, register.

Unable to attend a workshop? Class content is available as an MP3 download or on CD, at affordable rates through

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For people who are unable to travel to central Ohio for a workshop, teleseminars offer the benefits of learning from a group, with the convenience of participating long distance.

Just dial in from wherever you and your phone happen to be.

The Journeys of Wisdom teleseminar group meets Thursday evenings, 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST.

Teleseminars provide both individual attention and the unique synergies of group work all at affordable rates - $40 for four sessions.

  • Harmony of Mind, Body and Spirit is the current teleseminar topic.

Pre-registration is required for the teleseminar series.

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Evening Classes

Short on time?

Gain insight into powerful holistic concepts in an evening’s time with Journeys of Wisdom night classes.

These sessions focus in on a key aspect of relationships or self-healing that presents the greatest challenges for most people.

Some recent classes explored:

  • Healthy Ways to Express Anger
  • Understanding Emotional Triggers
  • Living a Passionate Life

Evening classes are held at the Journeys of Wisdom offices on Tuesdays, 7:15 PM – 9:30 PM. Fees are $25 per class.

For upcoming evening classes, view our calendar.

To sign up for an evening class, register.

To view a complete listing of evening class topics on Audio, see our Evening Class Catalog.

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Free Classes and Events

Journeys of Wisdom offers a wide variety of classes, speakers and events, free of charge or for a nominal fee.

All are welcome to drop in for Thursday evening classes and demonstrations, presented by select speakers, practitioners and professionals. A Thursday night class is a great forum to learn about new developments in holistic health and business. The challenges of life are age-old, but the speakers offer fresh insights on how to make peace with universal obstacles. The presenters offer the audience the diamonds of knowledge they’ve earned through their own personal journeys of self discovery.

Thursday night classes are free and no registration is required. These classes are held at the Journeys of Wisdom facility. Directions. Class begins at 7:00 PM and runs until 9:00 PM.

John McMullin or Bonnie Pugliese provides updates on events and developments.

For upcoming Thursday night class topics, descriptions and speaker bios, view the calendar.

Journeys of Wisdom also may arrange for unique special event that may include a presentation and individual healing sessions with a guest. View the calendar or search “special events” in the store.

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Intensive Workshops

For those who want to totally immerse themselves in the holistic healing experience, Journeys of Wisdom offers a concentrated course in self-discovery.

The Intensive Workshop requires travel to our offices in Columbus, Ohio for a multi-day series of Holistic Coaching workshops and self-exploration writing exercises.

This program is designed for people who are ready to delve deeply into their experiences and are willing to commit to a program lasting several days. Fees for intensive workshops vary based on the program length.

  • Check the calendar for the next Holistic Coaching Intensive.

For more information, call 800.889.1976 or send email.

Contact us for map, directions, airport information, and nearby hotel accommodations.

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Coaches Training

Besides classes and learning for individual clients, Journeys of Wisdom also offers training for those who wish to learn coaching.

Journeys of Wisdom provides ongoing education and support for Holistic Coaches after they’ve completed the certification process.

  • Holistic Coach™ Certification Program

The coaching workshop and seminar series prepares candidates with the training they will need to support others, as their future clients make self discoveries and life changes. Certification candidates learn Gestalt techniques, metaphor healing, active listening and responding, hypnosis, stress reduction, body energy work and complementary health care.

In addition to learning how to coach others, students also focus on their own self-discovery to enhance their personal presence and awareness within relationships.

The certification program promotes wellness by presenting approaches to integrating the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and intuitive aspects of self to the coach so that it can be introduced to others.

To find out more, visit Holistic Coach™ Certification Program.

Call 800.889.1976 or send email to sign up for the Holistic Coach™ Certification Program.

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  • Coaching for Coaches Program

Coaching for Coaches, an ongoing training and education program developed specifically for the holistic coach, takes practitioners to a higher level of effectiveness in their client work.

Holistic coaches need to have access to their own set of resources as they develop skills and experience in guiding people through emotional and spiritual growth. The Coaching for Coaches Program provides just that.

With weekly teleseminars, coaches can consult with each other to learn best practices for different dimensions of coaching. These group calls provide a forum where coaches can stay on top of current developments in holistic wellness without losing travel time or investing in costly seminar fees. John A. McMullin moderates the peer call and is available for questions and advice.

The program also includes one-on-one coaching sessions with John McMullin. Each coach receives two, 45-minute phone appointments over the course of the year. This gives Holistic Coaches the personal attention they need to fine-tune any aspects of their practice.

The Coaching for Coaches Program Includes:

  • Holistic Coaches Teleseminars – Wednesdays, 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM (EST)
  • Personalized Coaching Support – (2) Forty-five minute private coaching appointments with John McMullin
  • Coaching Tools – coaching protocol “handbook,” coaching for success – proven ideas from other coaches, MP3 audio downloads of weekly teleseminars for later reference and other professional development aids.
  • Fees are $495 per year or $50 monthly.

To learn more, visit Coaching for Coaches.

Register for the Coaching for Coaches Program, listed as Coaching Insights and Strategies Membership in the store.

Interested in finding out more? Contact us to get answers to your questions.

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Magazine Articles

Take a step today toward greater self-awareness by reading an article from the™ Magazine library.

Insightful authors embrace difficult topics with fresh eyes and self-growth strategies. You will find new ideas on subjects relevant to expanding your holistic life, such as:

  • Seven Steps To A Healthy Relationship by John McMullin and Leigh Randolph
  • The Danger of Toxic Metals by Mark Pitstick, MA, DC
  • What to Expect from a Coaching Session by Victoria Vetere, PhD, HC

Article downloads are free.

Download a .PDF of the current issue of™ Magazine.™ (formerly known as Holistic Discoveries™) is affiliated with Journeys of Wisdom but is a separate organization. John A. McMullin is the publisher.

To find past issues, visit the Holistic Discoveries™ Magazine archives. Select Articles on the publication's website.

To learn more about the magazine, visit

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