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Regular Price: $750.00
John McMullin and Leigh Randolph present five days of intensive Holistic Coaching training entitled "Negotiating with the Defended Ego" in Cape Coral FL on January 18-22, 2018. 10am - 7pm each day. Topics include: Reactive Behavior from Hidden Anger; Frozen Trauma, Frozen Pain; The Light and Shadow of a Double Bind; Deeper Aspects of the Mind and Heart Connection; and Holistic Coaching from Reflection. $750 for five days (includes individual Coaching session w John); $150 each single day. Register online: www.journeysofwisdom.com or call 614.888.1240 Location: 3603 S.E. 16th Place, Cape Coral, Florida 33904.
Regular Price: $600.00
Four days / four classes with John McMullin and Leigh Randolph in Carlsbad, CA, Feb 23-26, 2018. Classes include: Hiding from the True Self; Coaching Skills for Changing Perceptions; Changing Emotional Reaction into Conscious Response; Seven Thresholds of Consciousness. Presented by John McMullin and Leigh Randolph. $600 for 4 Days and 30 minute coaching session with John McMullin; Single days: $175 each single day. Register online or contact Bonnie at 614.888.1240 by January 23, 2018.


We Meet You Where You Are

Everyone faces challenges that leave them feeling “stuck” and unable to move forward in their lives. Journeys of Wisdom is where people come to rewrite their life script, using inner wisdom to fulfill their potential.

  • Do you see yourself repeating unhealthy patterns?
  • Are you suffering from a smoking, alcohol, drug or food addiction?
  • Have you tried over and over to resolve a relationship problem yet find yourself at the same impasse?
  • Do certain situations trigger emotional pain or reopen old wounds?
  • Have you felt like giving up on a parenting issue that seems unsolvable?

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

Journeys of Wisdom (JOW) supports people as they look inward to uncover hidden beliefs they hold about themselves and how those beliefs set up a pattern of repetitive, painful experiences. We coach people to self-discover their inner wisdom. By trusting their intuition, people can grow beyond old beliefs and create new, nurturing beliefs that lead to a more joy-filled life.

Some people come to us with a general feeling of dissatisfaction with life. They ask for guidance as they make a shift in their personal or professional lives. Others seek help with emotional dysfunctions or addictive behaviors. We offer compassion and support as people learn their core beliefs and how these internal beliefs are reflected outward in behavior.

Learn with Support

Our coaches focus on assisting people as they learn how to heal themselves from addictions, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and phobias. People look to us for the help they need to stop smoking and break bad habits. We support those facing anorexia, bulimia, and obesity as they learn how to reconnect self with a healthy body image.

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