Free Class: Nemenhah Chief Anthony DeLaCruz & Medicine Woman Rosa Bell demonstrate Elats Kowat Payitz, Native American Bodywork; 7pm

At 7:00pm, Nemenhah Chief Anthony Silver Bear DeLaCruz, LMT, Medicine Man and Nemenhah Medicine Woman Rosa Condor Woman Bell, demonstrate Elats Kowat Payitz, the ancient Native American Bodywork.

This type of bodywork is a unique experience that moves the lymph, balances the muscles, releases myofascial restrictions, opens the joints, increases range of motion and moves the chi. The work is done on the client with clothes on. The demonstration will last approximately an hour. Questions and answers may be asked at any time throughout the demo. This is very unique bodywork that only a handful of people perform in the world at this time. Once you have received this work you feel very balanced, erect and relaxed. Very helpful to athletes of every sort and those who feel restricted and lack flexibility. This ancient Native American Bodywork helps our body to return to a more youthful state. Come and observe that which few have ever seen or experienced and decide if Elats Kowat Payitz may be something that you would like to experience yourself.

For the first time the Nemenhah are also offering to teach this work to those who are not Nemenhah. If you think you might be interested in learning Elats Kowat Payitz please attend the demo and express your interest to Chief Silver Bear. We are potentially forming a class in March or April of 2012. An RSVP would be helpful. Call 614.507.9412 or email your RSVP to

At 8:00PM, John McMullin, HC, will discuss Holistic Coaching and upcoming events and classes at Journeys of Wisdom.

This is a FREE workshop, held at Journeys of Wisdom, 6161 Busch Blvd, Suite 316. For directions or more information, call 614.888.1240 or


Thu, 02/02/2012 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm